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Hi, and welcome to Ocular Impressions. I’m a Mumbai based candid photographer. Although I started playing with camera as a child, I never pursued photography outside purely fun and artistic or rather, abstract scope. But I love finding that balance between technicality and artistic expressions. I have been striving to bring that balance in all the part of my work and eventually I started bringing the same effort into my photography. And thus born Ocular Impressions, which helps me bring the blend of lights and color with the emotions. I don’t like to define myself with particular genre, I prefer to dabble and enjoy everything that lets me capture memories for my clients and myself. So be it Weddings, Pre-weddings, Pregnancy or Maternity, Pets, Travel or commercial projects like food or fashion, I love shooting everything that lets me expand my knowledge and create.


Personally, I like to think myself as artistic headed guy with technicality at heart. The way I see it, the best race one can have is with self. I can’t really say if I have anyone as role models, because I really want to keep improving myself to the best version I can be. I’m also a self-professed online-addict, and reading plethora of updates online are part of my daily routine. I’m a movie buff and TV show junkie, and I love having random discussions and debates with my online techie friends. The most productive part of my day constitute of spending a good amount of time figuring out how to do my work best and in least possible time.

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