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Sourabh and Maya met each other 9 years ago through some common friends. "Met" wouldn't be the right word here, rather they kept bumping into each other quite often through one friend or the other. They say "curiosity killed the cat", but almost never mention that the rejoinder of that is "but satisfaction brought it back". So out of curiosity to know him more, Maya took the initiative and sent him a friend request. Both hit it off right from day one; When they met or spoke about things in general it never felt like they had just met yesterday. While their friendship kept growing stronger, it took them almost 3 years to eventually realize their feelings for each other and confess the same. Maya trusted her instincts and was ready to take the plunge immediately the next day after their mutual confession. Sourabh, being the practical egghead, was careful in weighing his thoughts on their future. His only fear was losing out on the precious friendship lest things go wrong, but Maya knew in her heart that they were on their way to building their own forever. Jump to today and both of them are happily married, trying to discover something new in each other every day. As Maya says, "Looking back, I am glad we trusted our instincts to take the risk, the residue of which is the love and friendship which continues to grow stronger as each day passes by."

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