• We had the privilege of having Yogi photograph our monsoon wedding and his work has been simply amazing! Yogi is incredibly talented and has a knack for candidly capturing those wonderful albeit fleeting moments that one cherishes for a long time to come. We absolutely loved Yogi and we highly recommend him to anyone in need of an extremely talented photographer with an affable personality!!


  • Getting married is a big moment in one's life and capturing all the essential moments is the most important part of it. Naturally choosing someone for this critical task is a challenge. I am lucky enough to know Yogi which made my job easier. I did not have to think twice before choosing Yogi to shoot our pre-wedding along with the big day; not just because he is a good friend, but also because he is one of the best I know! His photos are amazing and he manages to effortlessly bring out all the natural emotions really well. Yogi ensured he discusses every concept with us while patiently listening to and contributing to our ideas. The pre-wedding shoot day was hectic, with us running around and striking the best pose that we could think of while yogi was tirelessly clicking us away. All the efforts finally paid off since the final pictures were more than perfect. Our wedding day photos have come out so beautiful that even today, after nearly a year of our marriage, all our married and unmarried friends ask for Yogi's reference. I guess nothing speaks more about a photographer than his photos, and that is evident with Yogi's work. He is a natural for sure. My wife and I will definitely cherish the beautiful memories Yogi has captured for us through his lens for many years to come.


  • Ocular Impressions, much like what it means, captures the special moments and converts them into picturised memories of a lifetime. The best thing about the photography is that the emotions and moments are so beautifully captured that it leaves you awestruck. Apart from photography skills, its the person behind the camera that matters as well. Yogi helps you right there. He is approachable and really does blend in and within no time gains your trust. This we believe is important for a photographer - making you comfortable, so the photos come all natural. A gem of a person with amazing photography skills. Highly trusted, appreciated and someone who wont let you down. Keep it up Yogi and thanks for all the wonderful memories that have surely left a wonderful impression.


  • There are many photographers around the world; but few who can capture what an animal is trying to say and fewer yet, those who can capture the soul of an animal. Yogi is one of them. He has a way with animals; and his love for dogs brings out the best in them and his pictures speak their thoughts. I have worked with Yogi on multiple projects and found his work addictingly beautiful.


  • This one's a bit too late, and I hope I make up for it by claiming that I couldn't be happier that I chose Yogi to seal my pre-natal memories, in the best way there was. I am not a fan of being clicked, leave alone a photoshoot. And, in cases like these it's way too important that conscious retards like myself be made supremely comfortable. Especially, when it's a pregnant one. Thank you Yogi for a beautiful bunch of photographs that nullify the uncomfort that came along with the most important 9 months of my life. I keep going back to the pictures and remembering how you and Madonna, adjusted to my comfort and made this happen. Absolutely loved every idea and click in my album. Needless to say, you certainly are well endowed with creativity and the technical know-hows of photography. The amount of detailing you put into your clicks is certainly the highlight. Not forgetting Rowena, my sister, who came up with this brilliance of an idea, and made me look so cool :) Thanks to the amazing clicks, we may consider a 'post' shoot too! Love !


  • Ocular impressions by yogi - He is a fantastic guy and is fabulous at whatever he does. When he clicked us, we never knew we could look this beautiful in our own selves. Have seen a lot of photographers posting pictures with a lot of edits and making it not so original, but this guy's work makes the picture more real and beautiful. Love your work yogi! Way to go Yo go Yogi!


  • Yogi is a pawsome photographer! He doesn't treat his subjects as objects - he gets to know them. He can bring out the dog's personalities in their photos and that's definitely a gift. His candid shots are mind blowing! Having said that, he's one of the very few people who can even get your dog to pose for a photo! :D And for those of you on twos, worry not. Yogi is great with people photos too. He has definitely managed to make a lot of us look better is his pictures than we do in person!


  • Thanks for the stunning pics of my kiddo and family. The pic frames were absolutely creative too. My 4 yr old has always been allergic to gettin her pics clicked, u managed her with such a breeze, I cudn't believe it. Not only did she end up loving the whole photography session, she even started posing thanks to u :) Am absolutely glad that after decades of passionate photography, it has rightly translated into 'Ocular Impressions', I highly recommend and endorse Yogi, if you want to capture the person behind the picture.


  • An eye to make simplest things look beautiful, Yogi is impeccable at his work. He is one of those photographers who never stops learning and evolving. He has great timing with capturing the fun and cute candid moments of "never-still" dogs. BarknBond is grateful to him for capturing such lovely memories with our pets.


  • Yogi doesn't just take a photograph. He freezes a precious moment on film that lasts forever. In my 3 years of knowing him and following his work and sometimes being a subject of it, I totally vouch for his skills and aptitude for photography! From pets in action to the various constellations in the sky, from landscapes to candid portraits... He's the man!